Promoting Healthy Living: Use, Harms and Hazards of Alcohol, Sugar and Fat

The Academy of Social Sciences International Advisory Group organised a series of seminars through 2013-14 on the theme of the Evidence-Policy relationship from an International Perspective. The aims included a) gathering insights from international innovations in the use of social science research evidence in the development, implementation and evaluation of policy and b) identifying the potential for policy learning across countries through analysis of what works, and why, in different policy and societal contexts. Questions included: Who are the key intermediaries/brokers helping to translate evidence into policy? Which kinds of evidence carry weight and have the greatest impact? What insights have we gained from the experience of other countries? And what lessons can researchers and policy makers in the UK draw from these insights?

One seminar in the series was organised by Susanne MacGregor and held at the British Library on the topic of Drugs, Alcohol, Sugar and Fat. Virginia Berridge contributed to the discussion emphasising the importance of the contribution of history to understanding.

A report on the seminar is available on the Publications page of the website of the Academy of Social Sciences – click through the link under Professional Briefings.