A way of life: A selection of films on obesity

A way of life

Cruel kindness (1968) (13 mins)

A female GP narrates the story of three children who are overweight for their age stressing that although there may be some inherited causes of their obesity, it is mostly due to over-feeding on the part of the parents, what the GP calls a cruel kindness.

A way of life (1976) (22 mins)

A film designed to motivate people in the 15-20 age group adopting healthier eating habits. The principal characters are a husband and wife, their baby and the husband’s younger sister. Jack, an overweight taxi driver, suffers from dizzy spells, which result in a near accident. Hospital tests reveal his excess weight to be a main contributory factor. The consultant lectures Jack on the dangers of obesity and explains how the problem can be overcome. Jack achieves some success before relapsing, with serious consequences. The film purposely sets out to be emotive rather than using medical and statistical evidence.

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