AMR policy development: looking forward through history

Funder: AHRC
Date: January 2018 for 2 years
Principal Investigator: Dr Emma Pitchforth  (Exeter University) together with Rand Europe at Cambridge
Consultants: Professor Virginia Berridge (LSHTM)

Description: Historical analysis can make an important contribution to policy design, although lessons from the past are often overlooked (Berridge 2010). Equally, historical research does not often engage with future scenarios. This study aims to bring together historical and future-orientated perspectives to identify lessons that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) policymaking. This will be achieved through robust historical and futures analysis, and crucially through the engagement of historians with policymakers and key stakeholders.

Objective 1: Use historical and comparative perspectives to understand how AMR evolved as a policy issue and develop scenarios for AMR policymaking responses that are informed by historical analysis

Objective 2: Test the scenarios to inform potential policy responses, drawing on historical and comparative perspectives

Objective 3: Provide evidence for effective and efficient AMR policymaking and methodological development in the use of historical perspectives to inform policy