Public Health History Walk – Gin Lane and Beer Street: public health in Hogarth’s London – POSTPONED!

POSTPONED! Poverty was rife in 18th century London.  In 1751, William Hogarth made two engravings in support of attempts to curb heavy drinking by the poor, who could get “drunk for a penny or dead drunk for tuppence.”  Gin Lane, set in the St. Giles slum area, showed the consequences of vice, particularly addiction to […]

Children’s Stories: a walk and visit to the Foundling Museum

The first orphanage in England was established in Brunswick Square in the mid 1700s, after a long campaign by a kind and determined sea captain.  The site of this ‘Foundling Hospital’ is now a museum and our walk will briefly cover other children’s stories in the area, including the interest taken by Charles Dickens in […]