About us

The Centre for History in Public Health (CHiPH) was established in 2003, with its origins in the AIDS Social History Programme at LSHTM in the late 1980s. Its location within a multidisciplinary public health institution is unique and keeps it firmly in the forefront of historical research into public health and health services. Historical understanding is of central relevance to an understanding of public health in the present.   Current developments cannot be understood without a knowledge of the past. The Centre reaches across the School in all its activities and many are conducted jointly with other Centres in the School.

The Centre has a core team of researchers who span the School Faculties and a wide ranging group of members  together with PhD students and honorary staff from an international range of institutions.

The Centre attracts research funding from a  number of providers, with the Wellcome Trust preeminent among them.  It is also supported by the Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) which has enabled our social media activity to expand.

Our research covers both public health and health services with UK, European and African  programmes currently under way, for example Dr Alex Mold’s Investigator Award ‘Placing the Public in Public Health‘ and Dr Martin Gorsky’s Investigator Award ‘Health Systems in History: ideas, comparisons, policies’.

Our teaching is both to in-house Masters students and on the distance learning programme. A free online course (MOOC) on the history of public health in Post-war Britain, is now also available and runs three times a year.

We have an active programme of public engagement with  variety of  walks, films and seminars available to staff students and the general public. Policy engagement is part of this activity and we utilise our location in a leading School of public health to interact with policy makers.

The Director of ChiPH is Dr Alex Mold 

Deputy Director Professor Martin Gorsky

The Administrator is Ms Ingrid James