Honorary Staff

Linda Bryder
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)  Honorary Professor

Chris Hamlin
(University of Notre Dame, USA) Honorary Professor

Wayne Hall
(University of Queensland, Australia) Honorary Professor

Anne Hardy
(LSHTM) Honorary Professor

Paul Hayes
(LSHTM) Honorary Professor

Richard Knowlton
(Massachusetts Cancer Registry) Honorary Research Fellow

Susanne MacGregor
(LSHTM) Honorary Professor

Sarah Mars
(UCSF, USA) Honorary Research Fellow

James Nicholls (Alcohol Research UK)
Honorary Senior Lecturer

Ros Stanwell-Smith
(LSHTM) Honorary Senior Lecturer

Virginia Smith
(LSHTM) Honorary Research Fellow

Betsy Thom
(DARC Middlesex University, London) Honorary Professor

Michael Ward
(LSHTM)  Visiting Research Fellow