Current PhDs


Peder Clark (PHP)
Supervisor: Alex Mold (PHP)
Topic: Epidemiology, heart disease and the British public: 1948 – 2010
Start Date: September 2015

Stephen Davies (PHP)
Supervisor: Martin Gorsky, (PHP)
Topic: Organisation and policy for research and development: the health department in England 1962-2006
Start Date: October 2010

Angela Grainger (PHP)
Supervisor: Alex Mold (PHP)
Topic: Breast Cancer Activism in Britain 1967-97: Gender and Voluntarism in Health
Funder: Wellcome Trust
Start Date: September 2010

Mateusz Zatonski (PHP)
Supervisor:  Martin McKee, PHP (main supervisor) and Martin Gorsky, PHP (co-supervisor)
Topic: Tackling tobacco harm in Poland under Communist rule and in the post-Communist period
Funder: ESRC
Start: October 2014