Health Systems in History: ideas, comparisons, policies

Funder: Wellcome Trust
Date: 1st September 2015 – 31st August 2020
Principal Investigator: Dr Martin Gorsky
Staff:  John Manton, Chris Sirrs and Hayley Brown

Description: The overarching purpose of this award is to provide an intellectual and policy history of ‘health systems’ thinking. The term implies a holistic conception of the organisational structures within which medicine is financed, provided and regulated in modern states. It depicts these as an interlinked set of relationships, which, once identified and measured, may be modified in the ongoing quest for greater efficiency, effectiveness and equity. But how did this idea arise? What work has it done? And how can we apply it historically? This award aims to find out, and it will do so through four inter-linked projects

For further information see Health Systems in History: ideas, comparisons, policies