Metropolitan Medical Officers: Local Leadership, Democracy and Shaping Environments for Health in London, 1919 – 1939

Funder: Wellcome Trust
Date: October 2012 – March 2017
Principal Investigator: Dr Martin Gorsky (PHP) and Richard Aspen (Wellcome Trust).
Staff: Dr Jane Seymour (PHP)

Description: This project is funded by the Wellcome Library, which intends to digitise the entire extant run of annual reports of Medical Officers of Health (MOsH) from 1872 to 1974, starting with London. This project, which focuses on the capital in the interwar period, utilises the digitised archive to interrogate these texts in ways not previously possible. I will be examining the role of MOsH in leading local public health work, as well as their interest and success in combatting environmental and economic causes of ill-health, and the extent to which they were engaged in and supported or frustrated by local democratic processes.