Publications 2019

Peder Clark

Clark, P. (2019) ‘Problems of Today and Tomorrow’: Prevention and the National Health Service in the 1970s Social History of Medicine, doi: 10.1093/shm/hkz018.

Hannah J. Elizabeth

Hannah. J. Elizabeth, Gareth Millward and Alex Mold. (2019) ‘Injections-While-You-Dance’: Press Advertisement and Poster Promotion of the Polio Vaccine to British Publics, 1956-1962, Cultural and Social History,

Susanne MacGregor

Susanne MacGregor. (2019)  ‘Money matters: Resource allocation, alcohol and other drugs and neo-liberal austerity in the UK – Commentary on Ritter and van de Ven,’  Drug and Alcohol Review:

Susanne MacGregor. (2019) International and Interdisciplinary Insights into Evidence and Policy (edited with Linda Hantrais and Ashley Thomas Lenihan) Routledge, paperback edition

Gareth Millward

Millward, Gareth. (2019) Vaccinating Britain: Mass Vaccination and the Public Since the Second World War. United Kingdom: Manchester University Press.

Alex Mold

Alex Mold, Peder Clark, Gareth Millward and Daisy Payling, Placing the Public in Public Health in Post-War Britain, 1948-2012 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)

Janet Weston

Janet Weston, Citizenship, Vulnerability and Mental Incapacity in England, 1900-1960s, Medical History (2019)

Janet Weston, Sites of sickness, sites of rights? HIV/AIDS and the limits of human rights in British prisons, Cultural and Social History, (2019)