Advisory Committee

The Centre has an Advisory Committee which meets twice a year. The cross-faculty membership lists those who are particularly supportive of the work of the Centre. A large range of staff and students from across the faculties also attend our regular events. Many of our seminars are held jointly with other Centres in the School and attract large numbers of attendees.

Stuart Anderson (PHP)
Virginia Berridge (PHP)
Chris Bonell (PHP)
David Bradley (ITD)
Linda Bryder (University of Auckland)
Clare Chandler (PHP/ITD)
Alex Cohen (EPH)
Victoria Cranna (AAS)
Simon Croft (ITD)
Oliver Cumming (ITD)
Pat Doyle (EPH) (Chair)
Matt Egan (PHP)
Alec Fraser (PHP)
Martin Gorsky (PHP) (Deputy Director)
Christopher Hamlin
Ingrid James (PHP)
Erin Lafferty (AAS)
Susanne MacGregor (PHP)
Anne Mills (AAS)
Alex Mold (PHP) (Director)
John Porter (PHP/ITD)
Richard Smith (PHP)
Sarah Walters (EPH)
Paul Wilkinson (PHP)