Publications 2019

Peder Clark Clark, P. (2019) ‘Problems of Today and Tomorrow’: Prevention and the National Health Service in the 1970s Social History of Medicine, doi: 10.1093/shm/hkz018. Hannah J. Elizabeth Hannah. J. Elizabeth, Gareth Millward and Alex Mold. (2019) ‘Injections-While-You-Dance’: Press Advertisement and Poster Promotion of the Polio Vaccine to British Publics, 1956-1962, Cultural and Social History, […]

Publications 2018

Virginia Berridge Virginia Berridge, Addiction Lives: Thomas F. Babor. Addiction,  113 (2018) 185–188 Janet Weston, Virginia Berridge, ‘AIDS Inside and Out: HIV/AIDS and Penal Policy in Ireland and England & Wales in the 1980s and 1990s’, Social History of Medicine 2018 Stephen Davies Stephen M. Davies, Rothschild reversed: explaining the exceptionalism of biomedical research, […]

Publications 2017

Stuart Anderson Anderson, S.C. (2017) ‘A Scottish Veterinary Remedy for an Irish Cattle Problem: The Rise and Fall of Davidson’s Red Water Cure 1872 to 1938’, Veterinary History, 19(1): 24-44. Anderson, S.C. (2017) ‘The rejection of tradition in favour of experience: The publication of British pharmaceutical texts abroad 1670 to 1890,’ Pharmaceutical Historian. 47(2): 21-32. […]

Publications 2016

Stuart Anderson: Anderson, S. The British Pharmacopoeia, 1864 to 2014: Medicines, International Standards and the State Bulletin of the History of Medicine (2016); 90(2):340-342 Anderson, S.C. (2016) ‘Opportunities Missed, Warnings Ignored: Re-discovering the History of Drug Safety in Great Britain following the Thalidomide Disaster 1961,’ Debater a Europa, 14, 49-72. Anderson, S.C. (2016) ‘The Rise […]

Publications 2015

Virginia Berridge Virginia Berridge, (2015)  Review of Jo Guldi and David Armitage, The History Manifesto, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014 in E-International Relations, 18th January 2015 Virginia Berridge, History and its contribution to understanding addiction and society Addiction 110, (2015) pp. 23-26. Berridge, V. Edman, J. Mold, A. Taylor, S.  Addiction and Lifestyles in […]

Publications 2014

Stuart Anderson: Anderson, S; (2014) The End of Publicness? Public and Private Healthcare Organizations are Alike in all Important Respects. International Journal of Public and Private Healthcare Management and Economics , 3 (3-4). pp. 44-61 Virginia Berridge: Virginia Berridge, Jennifer Walke and Alex Mold, ‘From inebriety to addiction: terminology and concepts in the UK, 1860-1930’, Social […]

Publications 2013

Virginia Berridge: Virginia Berridge, Demons: Our Attitudes to alcohol, tobacco and drugs (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013). Listen to the podcast. Virginia Berridge and Alex Mold, Mitchell et al. Editorial on Library Closures’ , Addiction 108, (2013), 434-435. Virginia Berridge,  ‘Intoxicants: The Formation of Health Expertise in the Twentieth Century’ in eds Jonathan Herring, Ciaran Regan, Darin […]

Publications 2012

Virginia Berridge: V. Berridge, Book Review.  ‘Golden holocaust: origins of the cigarette catastrophe and the case for abolition’ JMH Online First, published on June 28. 2012 V. Berridge, ‘The Art of Medicine.  The rise, fall, and revival of recovery in drug policy’ The Lancet 379, (2012), 22-23. V. Berridge, ‘History: a social science neglected […]

Publications 2011

Virgina Berridge: Virginia Berridge, Martin Gorsky and Alex Mold, Public Health in History (Maidenhead: Open University Press, 2011) Virginia Berridge ‘House on the hill: Victorian style’ Druglink 26:2 (2011), 12-14. Virginia Berridge (with Nadja van Ginneken and Simon Lewin) ‘What can be learnt from historical analysis? Community health workers and health policy in South Africa.  […]

Publications 2010

Virginia Berridge:  Virginia Berridge, ‘Thinking in time: does health policy need history as evidence?’, The Lancet, 375, (2010), 798 – 799. Virginia Berridge, ‘Changing policy: reflections on the role of public health evidence’ in eds A. Killoran and M. P. Kelly, Evidence-Based Public Health: Effectiveness and Efficiency (Oxford University Press, 2010), 448-458.. Virginia Berridge, ‘Why […]

Publications 2009

Virginia Berridge:  Berridge, V. ‘Medicine, public health and the media in Britain from the 1950s to the 1970s’ Historical Research, 82 (216), (2009), 360-373. Berridge, V. ‘Binge Drinking: A confused concept and its contemporary history’ (with Rachel Herring and Betsy Thom), Social History of Medicine, (2009), 1-11. Berridge, V. ‘The Black Report: Reinterpreting History’ in […]

Publications 2008

SC Anderson: Anderson, S.C. (2008) Pharmacy, Trade and Empire: Medicines and the English East India Company 1600 to 1858. Pharmaceutical Historian, 38 (2): 23-29. Virginia Berridge: Berridge,V. ‘The Centre for History in Public Health at LSHTM’ Drugs Education Prevention and Policy, 2008. Berridge, V. ‘Polyclinics- haven’t we been here before?’ British Medical Journal Martin Gorsky: […]

Publications 2007

SC Anderson: Anderson, S.C. Community Pharmacy and Public Health in Great Britain 1936 to 2006: How a Phoenix Rose from the Ashes. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2007; 61: 844-848. Anderson, S.C. Community Pharmacists and Tobacco in Great Britain: From Selling Cigarettes to Smoking Cessation Services. Addiction, 2007; 102: 704-712. Virginia Berridge: Berridge, V. […]

Publications 2006

SC Anderson: Anderson, S.C. From ‘Bespoke’ to ‘Off-the-Peg’: Community Pharmacists and the Retailing of Medicines in Great Britain 1900 to 1970. in Curth, Louise Hill (Ed.), From Physick to Pharmacology: Five Hundred Years of British Drug Retailing, Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2006; 105-142. Anderson, S.C. Community Pharmacy and the Rise of Welfare in Great Britain Twentieth […]

Publications 2005

SC. Anderson: Anderson, S.C. Evidence, Experts and Committees: The Shaping of Hospital Pharmacy Policy in Great Britain 1948 to 1974. in Berridge, V. (Ed.), Making Health Policy: Networks in Research and Policy after 1945, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2005: 185-216. Anderson, S.C. Drug Regulation and the Welfare State: Government, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Health Professions in […]

Publications 2004

SC Anderson: Anderson, S.C. (2004) In Search of Status and Recognition: The Role of the State in the Development of Hospital Pharmacy in Great Britain 1900 to 1950. in Willi-Hangartner , R. and Zerobin, C. (Eds.), Pharmacy and the State: Proceedings of an International Congress, Liebefeld, Switzerland: SSHP/SGGP, 1-7. Anderson, S.C. (2004) Why the French […]

Publications 2003

SC Anderson Anderson, S.C. (2003) Horse Balls and Lethal Chambers: The Veterinary Chemist in Great Britain 1900 to 1948. Pharmaceutical Historian, 33 (2): 29-32. SC Anderson and Virginia Berridge Anderson, S.C. and Berridge, V.S. (2003) Drug Misuse and the Community Pharmacist: A Historical Overview. chapter 3 in Sheridan, J. and Strang, J. (Eds.), Drug Misuse […]

Publications 2002

SC Anderson Anderson, S.C. (2002) The Changing Role of the Community Pharmacist in Health Promotion in Great Britain 1930 to 1995. Pharmaceutical Historian, 32 (1): 7-10. Anderson, S.C. (2002) Community Pharmacy in Great Britain: Mediation at the Boundary Between Professional and Lay Care 1920 to 1995. chapter 4 in Gijswijt-Hofstra, M., Van Heteren, G.M. and […]

Publications 2001

SC Anderson Anderson, S.C. (2001) An Intemperate Uncertificated Medico’: The Hospital Pharmacist in Great Britain Before 1923. Pharmaceutical Historian, 31 (1): 12-16. Anderson, S.C. (2001) The Most Important Place in the History of British Birth Control’: Community Pharmacy and Sexual Health in Twentieth Century Britain. Pharmaceutical Journal, 266: 23-29. Virginia Berridge Berridge, V. S. Constructing […]