The Centre organises an exciting public engagement programme of  cross School activity including:  public health walks; film screenings; and seminars,  conferences and witness seminars.  We hold joint seminars with other School Centres such as MARCH, and Departments such as Global Health and Development and the Department of Population Health –  Population Studies Group. These are open to staff and School students and also to the general public. To be notified about our events please join our mailing list here

Policy engagement is also part of our work. We utilise our location in this global public health institution to interact with policy makers and play an active role in other policy broking organisations such as History and Policy. We have been involved in a number of exhibitions such as ‘Women in Science’ and with the Library and Archives on ‘HIV/AIDS’.  Recently we organised an exhibition on ‘Vaccination’ in conjunction with the Vaccine Centre, and members of the Centre were involved in Mosquito day organised by the Malaria Centre, and Library and Archives.