Past Projects

  • Enhancement Award, “Enhancing History in Public Health, the Centre for History in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine”

    Funder:     Wellcome Trust
    Date:     2004-2012
    Principal Investigators: Professor Virginia Berridge and Dr Martin Gorsky
    Description:     Infrastructure funding for administration, teaching development, public engagement and workshops, conferences and seminars.


  • Constructing the Patient Consumer: Patient Groups and Health Consumerism, 1960-1991. University Award

    Funder: Wellcome Trust
    Date: 2007-2012
    Sponsor: Professor Virginia Berridge
    Staff:  Dr Alex Mold

    Description: This project focuses on the role played by patient groups in the construction of the patient as a consumer from the 1960s to the 1990s. It will examine the activities of different organisations that claimed to act on behalf of the patient.


  • Evaluation of the Department of Health Alcohol Improvement Programme .

    Funder: Department of Health (Policy Research Programme)
    Date: March 2010-April 2012
    PIs: Professor Susanne MacGregor, Professor Betsy Thom (Middlesex University) and Dr Charlie Lloyd (York University)
    Staff :  Dr Paul Toner and Professor Christine Godfrey (York University) and Dr Rachel Herring and Mr Jordan Tchilingirian (Middlesex University)

    Description: The DH AIP was a £22.4 million programme ...

  • Reviewing the History of Alcohol Research

    Funder: Alcohol Research UK
    Date: June 2011 – September 2011
    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge and Dr Suzanne Taylor

    Description: The project provided an overview of key developments in alcohol research since the late 19th century to the near present


  • The Response of the HPA to Swine Flu

    Funder: HPA
    Date: 17th May 2010 – 31st March 2011
    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge and Dr Suzanne Taylor
    Description: The response of the HPA to the 2009 swine flu pandemic. Interview based

  • The Nutrition archive at LSHTM

    Funder: Wellcome Trust
    Date: 2008-10
    Staff: Mrs Victoria Cranna,  Professor Virginia Berridge

    Description: This collection is a rich and varied resource consisting of historical records relating to scientific investigations carried out by LSHTM staff in the UK and colonial territories between the 1920s and 1950s. The collection includes dietary survey material, research in applied nutrition, documents ...