Past Projects

  • Web Access and Database Linkage for the British Voluntary Hospitals Database

    Funder: Wellcome Trust
    Date: 2008-2009
    Staff: Dr Martin Gorsky, and Dr Rachel Herring

    Description: A project developing an existing database of British voluntary hospital statistics into a web resource has recently begun. The database contains a wealth of information about the provision and utilisation of beds and services and also finances in the period 1891-1947: on-line ...

  • The Health and Morbidity of Friendly Society Members in the Late-Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Held at the University of Southampton

    Funder: Economic and Social Research Council
    Date: 2007-2009
    Staff: Professor Bernard Harris, and Dr Martin Gorsky

    Description: This project extends our research into the history of morbidity in the UK using the sickness insurance records of the Hampshire Friendly Society, a small but exceptionally well-administered County friendly society in the south of England. We focus on ...

  • Drug Misuse Research Initiative

    Funder: Department of Health (Policy Research Programme)
    Date: 2003-2009
    Staff: Professor Susanne MacGregor, Mrs Ingrid James

    Description: Co-ordination of a multi-centred Programme of research: Phase Two (ROUTES) involves 10 projects on a) experience of treatment and service configuration and b) children, young people, families and communities.

    Website: DMRI

  • The Politics of Illicit Drugs Policy

    Funder: The Leverhulme Trust

    Date: 2007-2009

    Staff: Professor Susanne MacGregor

    Description: The development of the drugs field and drugs policy in UK 1979-2009: continuities and changes in ideas and institutions and the role of individuals in linking policy areas and international, national and local levels.

  • Posters and Public Health in Twentieth Century Poland

    Funder: Wellcome Trust
    Date: 2007-2008
    Staff: Dr Martin Gorsky, Professor Virginia Berridge, Dr Krzystof Krajewski-Siuda

    Description: The project analyses the use of the public health poster in Poland within the context of programmes initiated by state and civil society during the interwar period. Poland, is an exciting prospect for such research, both because of its turbulent ...

  • A Mass of Separate Expedients? Hospitals, Integration and the British Health System, c.1930-c.1975. University Award

    Funder: Wellcome Trust
    Date: 2003-2008
    Staff: Dr Martin Gorsky

    Description: A regional study of efforts in the south-west of England to develop an integrated health sy stem in the mid-20th century. Before 1948 the focus in on the co-ordination of voluntary and public provision. Under the NHS the themes explored are the distribution of resources within ...