Past Projects

  • Medicalising Cannabis: Science, Medicine, and Policy 1960 -2003

    Funder: Wellcome Trust
    Date: 2005-2008
    Principal Investigator:  Professor Virginia Berridge
    Staff: Miss Suzanne Taylor

    Description: The issues which have underpinned the ‘remedicalisation’ of cannabis since the 1950s including the role of pressure groups and of industry.



  • The normalisation of binge drinking? An historical and cross cultural investigation with implications for action

    Funder: Alcohol Education and Research Council

    Date: 2006-8

    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge, Professor Betsy Thom, Dr Rachel Herring

    Description: The concept of binge drinking was examined using historical and contemporary social science perspectives with the overall aim of drawing lessons for policy. Full and summary reports are available.

  • Synthesis of the HEC, HEA AND HDA Heath Promotion and Public Health Report Collection

    Funder: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

    Date: 2006-2007

    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge, and Dr Kelly Loughlin

    Description: A study of the ‘grey literature’ produced from the 1960s in relation to national and local heath education campaigns.

  • The MRC Leukaemia Trials: Lessons from History

    Funder: Medical Research Council
    Date: 2006 and 2007
    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge, Dr Ornella Moscucci , Dr Rachel Herring

    Description: The childhood leukaemia trials from the 1960s have been seen as an example of the successful ‘bench to bedside’ application of research. This research looks at them in the context of the post war development of ...

  • User Groups in Drug Policy; The Role of Voluntarism Since the 1970s

    Funder: Economic and Social Research Council
    Date: 2004-2007
    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge, and Dr Alex Mold

    Description: This project examined the nature of voluntary action in the drug field. It was particularly concerned with the emergence of the drug user group as a force within policy and practice.



  • How policy makers access and use the history of health

    Funder: Philanthropic collective via Institute of Historical Research
    Date: 2006
    Staff: Professor Virginia Berridge

    Description: A study of policy advice using history primarily through interviews with policy advisers, speech writers and others. It sets out problems in the relationship and ideas for future development.